Frequently Asked Questions:

1) What is the main goal of SAVE?

SAVE is multi-purpose and expresses a unity of purpose for many business people in Orlando who believe Party politics and Media Bias have gotten out of hand. The unique fact about SAVE is that it combines a group of people who represent republican, democrat, conservative, liberal, entrepreneurs, established business people, for profit companies, not for profits companies. What binds them is their dedication to making the community they live and work in better. 

2) How did all the partners get together?

The SAVE Partner relationships have existed for years. It just happens to be the time that a series of interactions have caused them to arrive at the same conclusion. Our woke, cancel culture society is out of control. The group has had enough and now it will show a direction that leads us away from divisiveness and gets us back to working together with respect and a common cause of bettering our community.

3) We have heard that there was a book written by one of the SAVE Owners.

That is true. Joel Hawksley, former Executive Director of the Central Florida Republican Party, just completed his first book. The title is, "Bringing America Together Again", Since Joel comes from a political party background, this book expresses the SAVE concept in political terms. His tenet is that we have lost sight of the power of local politics and must return to people power, locally, in order to change the system we have created in Washington DC.

The Book is a great read and is available on Amazon  

4) You mentioned there were not for profits involved in SAVE. Do we recognize any of them?

There are actually two not for profits whose executives are involved in SAVE.

A) After writing his book, Joel Hawksley decided to pursue is own political campaign consulting company. He formed a company, named for his book, "Bringing America Together Again". It is a 501c4 and is targeted  at advising candidates how to relate to the peoples' needs and ruin their campaigns accordingly. 

B) Real Second Chance has been helping minority entrepreneurs for almost 4 years now. they have now expanded to Detroit and Las Vegas. Their leadership has helped bring minorities into the Orlando entrepreneurial world, and the experience they offer to save is invaluable.

5) Who are clients and what type of clients would do business with SAVE?

SAVE is starting with two clients that are part of the original structure, Teds Community and Bringing America Together Again. 

A typical client probably doesn't exist because the Agency is founded on helping people with the cause of making a better community. Any individual, group, or company can be a client. They will contract with us to help them create a marketing program to accomplish what they want, whether it be personal, political or other. SAVE believes its insights, especially in minority areas, is unparalleled in the Orlando area.