SAVE, LLCSoul (Supporters) of America, Vigilant with Energy.

Who Founded SAVE?

SAVE was begun in Orlando Florida by 6 Businessmen, one attorney, one political consultant and a former leader of one of the political parties in Central Florida. The Group came together as a result of common business interests and sheer frustration with what Washington DC had turned into in the last several years. They believe the answer to solving our nations and communities' problems are to strengthen our cities and communities, get citizens focused on local politics where it belongs, and exert power locally. They believe there is an inordinate  focus on what happens in Washington DC politics, and that has to change. SAVE is all about saving the American way of life as we know it and bringing social, economic and environmental power back to the places we reside.

The message is that by encouraging residents to be involved in local politics, we can influence our community and make it better. We can help create strong community leaders who care about their community and who have the courage, fortitude and talent to push Washington in the direction we want.

  • That means: We need leaders from all sides of the Community, We need everyone funding this. Contributions, products and services, community flags on lawns, We need buyers and sellers to fund, and we need buyers and sellers to work together to define what we want in candidates. We need to be stronger than political parties without having anything to do with politics. To put it bluntly, we need to earn the trust of the Community, and when that happens help the community to make a decision to make their community a better place for ALL who live there. In that light, Ted Bogert has decided to become part of SAVE and lead the Orlando Community efforts, via the Ted Show. With his entry, we have moved forward on building that trust and have become a full service Advertising Agency, in addition to building a strong community leadership presence.                                                        
  • Two major things HAVE TO CHANGE:
  • Local people letting outsiders choose how they are able to succeed in the greatest country on earth.
  • Those in power using the lower income communities as pawns to get elected without giving them the tools they need to succeed.

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